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Atelier Hitoshi Abe, 2012

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Details: Atelier Hitoshi Abe (AHA) was invited to develop a master plan to re-invigorate and modernize key campus facilities and spaces for a Fortune 500 Company Headquarters based in St. Paul,MN. The main quad of the existing campus consists of a 15-story tower constructed in the early 1960's and three low rise structures constructed in the early 1970's. All of the buildings are connected by a second level sky-way, and are sited along the perimeter of a central parking lot.
The planning and layout of the existing structures followed the prevailing principles of office culture at the time of their construction, consisting of highly compartmentalized spaces organized to maximize spatial efficiency and functionality. In order to balance these spaces with the demands of a contemporary creative office, AHA developed a master plan in which select spaces, programmed for communication and collaboration, were strategically inserted in key areas of the quad to encourage informal congregation, discussion, and foster collaboration among various departments. These open collaborative spaces have been largely consolidated in transitionary areas of the campus, not normally considered useful or functional in the workplace, but where more often than not highly productive informal discussions occur. This drastically altered the way in which the spaces are used and maximized the impact on the adjacent, more cellular office areas, with an extreme economy of means.
Responsibilities: Design Development, Construction Drawing Support (outsourced), Construction Administration
Status: Completed 2012

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